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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Helpful links!

Time for some site reviews! Here I’ll talk about some of the great sites on writing out there, that all give great advice and tips that every writer could use. If you know of some great sites on writing, please share them in a comment or leave me a mail, and I’ll put them in the next link post!

So a while ago I got this great tip from one of my friends. She sent me this website that has a list with all kinds of questions you can fill in about your character. It’s a really great way to create a character profile.
It is really, really thorough though. A lot of questions may not apply to your kind of story. If that’s the case just leave them blank of course. Character profiles like this are great ways to really get to know your character better. And like AMC said in a comment; it’s also really fun to have a conversation with your character to get to know them better. Ask them anything. Treat it like an interview if you want. Don’t worry if you sound mad … well if you’re parents or friends start to worry about you, perhaps you should do it when no one is around :-)

Here is the link to the character profile site:

One of the best sites out there I’ve found till now is
The site is created by a team of writers and an editor. It has some great tips on grammar, for all those people out there like me who suck at grammar or don’t know when to use certain words and when not. Be sure to check this site out some times. It really has wonderful other tips and advice on writing. I strongly recommend it.

I just found a wonderful site written by a fulltime author called Holly Lisle. She’s the author of books like Memory of Fire and The Silver Door. On her site, , she has tons of articles about writing and publishing. She also gives writing courses and has a free book about writing that you can download directly from her site. (Her site is pretty big so in case you can’t find it:

And lastly, be sure to visit this amazing blog:
Made by a literary agent who sadly has stopped writing on her blog since 2007, but kindly left in online for everyone to see. Her blog is especially great if you want to get your book published. She gives some great tips on how to go through the publishing progress.

Well I hope this was helpful enough. I’ll have a bit more time the next couple of weeks, so I’ll be able to update more often. Make sure to leave comments to tell me what you think about my blog and how I can improve it. And remember:

Keep writing.

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  1. Thanks! The character profile site was especially hepful. Once again, thank you for posting! :D

  2. Thank you, the character profile site was an excellent tool to organize my thoughts about my protagonist. I realized that I know hardly anything about her yet. Keep posting!