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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stick to your story!

This blog post is for all those people out there who get bored with their story half way through—and for those few ones who are lucky enough to have too many ideas in their heads!
I know how incredibly tempting it is, when you have a new story idea in your head and you get all excited and write down the beginning, and the characters, to just forget about your other story. But let me tell you now: It doesn’t work. Trust me.
There may be the odd exception here and there, but in general you really do need to stick to your story! Whenever I get a story idea I just get this excited and itchy feeling all over that tells me that I need  to write it down no matter what. And yes right now that other idea does sound more interesting, and yes you are tired of the story you’re writing now, and yes you feel like you need to write something new or you’ll never write at all. But my advice is: don’t!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big supporter of note books filled with story ideas and even a few chapters and maybe full character descriptions of a different story. By all means, when an idea comes to you find some time to write everything down. This can be one sentence, or five chapters. But then let it go. Even if it is just for now. Because when the time comes, you’ll be bored with this new idea as well and another  even better idea comes along. That way you’ll never finish a story.
Personally I’m all in for sticking to your main story. Wonderful ideas will keep coming when you’re being creative. When you’re writing you’re being creative and stimulating your brain to come up with more ideas. Like when you just write nonsense all day when you’re stuck, to send the message to your brain that you need ideas.
I won’t lie. Personally I’m working on about five stories at once. And for some people that really works. Just like how I read about seven books at the same time and most people prefer to read just one at a time. But with me I always keep one story as the main story, which I work on all the time. And one story as my second story, which I work on whenever I get ideas for it, or to keep creativity flowing when I'm terribly stuck with the other one. The others are more dead projects, just a few chapters which I might read or add something to from time to time when I’m really stuck, and which I’ll return to when I’m finished with story #1 and #2.
Remember, this is what works for me! If you love working on 5 stories don’t let anyone stop you! Just be careful that you do actually finish one.

And remember, never throw anything away! You might think you’re working on a terrible dead end story, but you did love it once, in the beginning. And if you come back to it again after a while you might be able to see what went wrong and it could turn out as your best piece yet!

When you’re writing be sure to keep in mind the goal: finishing. Finishing a story, no matter how long it is, is a cause of celebration and should give you a great amount of satisfaction. Not a lot of people can say they wrote a novel after all!

I hope this helped anyone out. The question was asked by Gabelafastoe. I really hope I helped you! And thanks for your comments! ^.^
And I’m sorry everyone for not blogging in ages. I’m VERY sorry!
Thank you guys for always reading my blog and sticking with me! I’ll try to be more active.
Also if anyone has any questions or ideas of blog posts I could write, PLEASE COMMENT! You’d really help me!

Keep writing!

Xx LordKiwii