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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guilt Post

The last week of Summer holiday is about to start and as I do almost every year: I am freaking out about how little I've done. 

Well not freaking out, per se, more like agonizing: 

Why didn't I write/edit more?
Why didn't I exercise more?
Why didn't I work and earn more money (instead of spending it all)?
Why didn't I read more? 
Etc. Etc.
Therefore I decided to dedicate today to editing and reading The Shadow of the Wind because Carlos Ruiz Zafón is coming to our local bookstore.

Here's what I've done today:

-Watch the entire movie UP even though I already know it
- Watch ALL the extras
-Read a bit of Shadow of the Wind (+ points) 
- Lunch
- Edit like ... 2 pages (+?) 
- Watch episode of Two and a Half Men S.9 with my mom
- and another
- and another
- Try and start some writing but spend time on the internet/blogging instead.

Actually this blog post is sort of a guilt post trying to get myself to edit. Have I mentioned I'm not such a big fan of that? 

I love my story and I love how editing makes it better and I even love the idea of editing when I'm not doing it ... but I can never bring myself to edit for a longer period of time without finding distractions. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solutions out there except for amazing discipline (Which I don't have).

For now the guilt is working and I am very happy about where this story is going. But before I go back to my writing here's a picture I found while wasting time online: 


And a picture of my holiday which was awesome! This was taken in the actual Great Hall of Harry Potter! Best day of my entire summer!

Keep Writing!

Xx Noortje