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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kiwi Time #4

Hello everyone!

Sorry there hasn’t been a post this week but I was kind of busy and the weather is tropical here, so I spend all week doing nothing except eating ice cream.
So here is a short update. (It’s going to be pretty random, sorry).

I graduated!! With much better grades than I anticipated. Graduation night was simply perfect. I’m going to miss my old school … but I’m really glad to finally get out of there as well.
And in a little more than a month I’ll be going to England and I’m really nervous. But excited. I’m full of contradictions these days.

On the writing area, I’m busy with rewriting my first novel … which is a pain. And I’m occasionally writing something for my third novel. (I really wanted to focus on my first one and finish it this summer, but sometimes I just can’t help myself).
In the last two weeks I’ve had about fifteen story ideas that I really really wanted to write, but in fear of never finishing anything properly (which I’m good at) I had to ignore most of them, or only write down a little.

Two days ago a major storm hit us and I spend the night with my mom staring outside the window and watching the storm and thunder….. and of course I got a story idea out of it. (By the way the story was kind of big for Holland … compared to other storms in the world it was probably just a small breeze haha).

Next Saturday I’ll be going on vacation to Germany! And I’m really looking forward to it. But it does mean that perhaps I won’t be updating anything in the next two weeks. Because I’m not sure if I have internet over there… and if I have the time to write a blog post. But keep a look out for it, because I’m going to write one about ending a novel pretty soon.
And now last but not least:

It’s my birthday today!!

I just turned eighteen years old! I’m finally an adult! Well…. Officially I’m an adult. In reality I’ll probably never really grow up!
Well I’ve got a Birthday cake in the oven and my grandmother is coming over soon so this is it! Enjoy your holidays everyone and I’ll see you soon!

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And here is a blogpost I wanted to share! I found it really fun to read and helpful for beginning writers!

Keep Writing!


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  1. Wooow!!!!!! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday LORD KIWI (;D)Happy birthday to you!!! Just a birthday note to say: have such a great time today! You rock!Have fun when you come to England!
    (Well done on your graduation!)