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Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp NanoWriMo!

Camp NanoWriMo has started!
Time to pack your tent and your sleeping bag and head out to the lake campsite where NanoWriMo will take place this summer!
Today is the first day where many campers start with fresh courage on their novels! 

Basically Camp NanoWriMo is the same as the normal writing month, only this time in July! The goal is to write a 50.000 word novel in just one month. That's 31 day!

I really recommend this program to everyone. It's so much better writing with a deadline and a certain word count you should do a day. And the feeling you get after you've finished the camp and have your first draft completed in your hands is amazing! :) 

For those of you who don't know, it's completely free, you don't have to show your story to anyone and it's a website to use while writing your story. If you head over to the original site, you can participate on the forum to make new friends, show off your work or ask questions. 

So head over to you campers! :) 

I'd also like to give a quick explanation of why I haven't updated a post sooner when I said I would and give you a very good tip!

The reason I haven’t uploaded anything is because my computer crashed, together with all my data. I spend the last few days trying to get it fixed, finding a new laptop when it couldn't, and restoring all the data that I had left--which thankfully I had an backup of on an external hard drive.
I still lost some good (short) stories though which I'll never get back. I also lost some chapters of big projects I was working on. So please remember:


Trust me you don't want to go through the horror of trying to rewrite lost chapters while knowing it was better before but not knowing exactly what you wrote. 

On a more happier note: It's summer people!!! Enjoy the sun and the freedom this holiday brings.
And most of all, don't forget to Keep Writing! ;-) 

Xx LordKiwii 

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