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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Happy Holidays everyone!! 

It's a little bit late, but I hope everyone had a great time and is enjoying this holiday season with their family and friends! 

I haven't been writing a lot here and for that I appologize but I have been very busy with my first semester at the University of Amsterdam! 
I still remember how nervous I was just a few months ago, and how I thought I would never get used to it. And now it's almost 2012 already. 

I haven't written a lot in this time, although NaNoWriMo did help as it usually does to get me into the writing mood again. Did it work for you guys? I hope you managed to reach your goal if not for the 50.000 words than your personal goal! 

The end of a year is a time to look back and see what we have done. I went to England for a year, I am writing on my thrid book in my series (and loving it) and I made some amazing friends, both here on the internet and in school and I've almost finished my first semester at uni!

My goals for next year are the same as the last few: 
  • Have fun
  • Grab uppertunities
  • Make new friends
  • Try to get an agent
  • And try to get my novel published :)

I hope you guys will do great on your writing as well and if you have the dream to get published go for it! 
Leave a comment if you want to share your new year's resolutions with us :) 

I probably won't be posting a lot anymore because I have said most of what I wanted to say.
But that doesn't mean I don't check on it often.
I could write more about myself if anyone would care to read about that, but I wouldn't want to bore you too much :) 
So if you have a question, or just something to tell or maybe something writing related you want to share (like a site or an event I can post about) please let me know!

Thank you for staying with this blog for 2011 and have an amazing 2012!! 

And as always, keep writing! 

Xx LordKiwii 

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