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Monday, March 19, 2012

Some Thoughts on Writing

A few days ago I realized something important about writing. Several things actually.

First of all, writing; it needs to come naturally.  No that doesn’t mean that you can only write when the stars align and the muses are singing behind you and there’s an angel of inspiration of your shoulder. But it does mean that if you try and it doesn’t work—now’s not the time.

Second, your story doesn’t need to be planned … but you need a plan. If not for the first draft then for the rewrites. Trust me if you don’t have a clear idea of your story and where it is heading at least in the editing stage—then your story isn’t going to make much sense. Write down the key moments of your story—the “big” things. Then see if it makes sense, if it flows and if it’s interesting enough (and not like this blog post which is basically just a quick jotted down version of my own thoughts – edit).

There is almost NEVER time for writing. You have got to make time. As you might know, the last couple of week’s I’ve been doing this nanowrimo imitation with some friends on twitter called insanonano. Write 50.000 words in one month. So far it looks like none of us is going to make it (I’m not 100% certain though. I might be surprised). Let’s just say I’m not going to make it. Why? Well as we say on twitter “life gets in the way”.

And that’s alright. Sometimes you need to make time for your friends or family. Sometimes you have to put aside writing to study or go visit your grandparents. Or you just feel too tired and need a nice long evening doing absolutely nothing.
But still we are writers. And writing is what some of us are born to do and most of us love and inspire to do. That means you need to make some time, even though you’d much rather go to the movies or read a book.

A friend told me that’s it all about regularity. That you need to get a schedule and get used to writing at least 5 days a week. Set some goals. Strife to write a certain amount of time or a certain amount of words. Make it become a habit of writing every day. You’ll start to crave for it.

And last but not least—writing should be fun. Don’t let publishers, agents, marketing and a possible audience get in your way. Don’t let the big chance of failure stand in your way. Focus on the writing and have fun. You can always decide to worry about all that other stuff later.

In the words of Confucius “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Keep Writing!

Xx Noortje


  1. Grandparents, now no longer family.


    1. I'm sorry I'm not sure what you mean? I did mean Grandparents to be included in the idea of "family" :p (If that's what you're saying) haha

  2. I love the quote.

    I set a goal to write my last 10,000 words of WIP in the 5 days I have off. Not there yet, but the progress is going well.

    1. Me too I loved it when I first read it!

      That's an amazing goal! Great! I really hope you'll get there or close at least :) Good luck!

  3. You have an award to pick up. Please visit my blog for details.