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Monday, June 11, 2012

All the Feelings

Technically I wrote this on Sunday very early but didn't have time to post it yet.
**WARNING: May contain dramatic emotions due to the concert I had just left**

As I am writing this my head is filled with countless thoughts that I'm trying to make sense of. I'm sitting in the car writing by the light of scarce lampposts and passing cars (it was a joy to figure out my handwriting). 

It is passed midnight and I am in the car coming from Lord of the Rings live. For those of you that don't know, it's basically the movie (Two Towers in this case) played on a big screen with the music taken out....the music is played live by a gigantic orchestra. Incidentally, these three movies are my favourite and the most inspirational movies I have ever seen. Plus probably the best book adaptation that's out there. 

The music of the amazingly talented orchestra is bouncing around in my head, reminding me that art can take many shapes. And of the power of music, which nearly brought the entire audience to tears at some point (for me it was the end). 

I was reminded once again why I love story telling so much and why I want so bad to be a (published) writer. 

The feeling.

Feelings of joy and sadness and hope. The courage I felt as Aragorn rode into battle. The pride and hope at Sam's wise words. The sadness when Frodo really seemed lost. 

It was a large theatre, filled with hundreds of people who had been brought together by their shared love for a story.

I think a good story is one you enjoy, that stays with you even after you read the last page.

A great story has the power to bring people together.

I'm not saying we'll be the next Tolkien, Lewis or JK. I'm just hoping that the stories we all tell might give this feeling to others and bring people together like movies and books usually have brought me and my friends together. And that's what I love about writing :) 

Keep Writing!


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