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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bitter Beginnings

The one thing most writers dread is writing the beginning of a story. Most of the time we have a lot of ideas about the story itself, about what’s going to happen and who the characters will be. You get this wonderful idea, rush towards your computer … and then you’re stuck. Already.
Because where will your story begin?
Here are some options:
1. Begin with the action. This can either be something that will happen in the future, after which you’ll go to where all this actually began (prologue) or something that happened in the past. You can begin with action and then continue with: It wasn’t always like this. Or: Just three days ago ..
2. Begin with something mysterious happening. Something the reader has no idea what it is, but they want to find out.
3. Begin with something the antagonist is doing. This will create a sense of dread for the reader. They already care about the protagonist, before having read anything about the character at all.
4. Begin with a description of the country or world it’s set in. Be careful with beginning a story like this! The beginning needs to get readers hooked, so if it’s only slightly boring, or let’s say not interesting enough, they’ll stop reading.
5. Begin at the beginning. Began at the point in the protagonist’s life where you want to reader to get to know them. For instance I’m writing a story about a girl who loves fantasy and has a big imagination who is zapped to another world. I wanted to begin the story on earth, where the readers could meet her and her family. This way they would know what she lost and why she wants to go back so badly. You see her change in the other world because you knew her on Earth. It makes you more involved.

Either of these beginnings is fine, it’s up to you to choose which one you like best. Or perhaps an entirely different one, that I forgot to mention here!

Still, writing a beginning can be difficult and sometimes even impossible. If you can’t do it right now, be sure to write down your idea. Or perhaps begin somewhere in the story (near the beginning if possible) and then write the beginning later, when the surge of the new idea has calmed a little. I do recommend to start writing, otherwise you’ll forget things about your idea and trust me that’s really frustrating.

On the other hand there are also writers who enjoy writing beginnings or don’t have a problem with it. If so, lucky you!
Personally I enjoy writing beginnings because I get the sense that I’m creating a new world there and then, which will expand to places I cannot foresee.

Stay true to yourself & keep writing.

Xx Lordkiwii

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