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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Secret of Writing

Can I write a novel?
It’s a question that I see all the time, in lots of variations. The answer is: Yes you can.
As long as you have a good idea, some good solid characters (see Character Building) and lots of willpower you’ll get there. Truth is, anybody can write. Sure talent helps, imagination helps but at the end of the day, if you just try hard enough, everybody can write.
The thing that divides the published pro’s from most of the amateurs (awful word I know) is writing. Haha. No I mean it.
There are people lucky enough to have writing as their actual job. And do you know what they do all day? They write.
The key to writing a novel is to keep writing. You can learn all the tricks in the book, you can have a fantastic plot, lovable characters, but if you don’t write constantly, the novel will never be finished.

So my advice of the day: Write at every moment that you can. You have to want to write. Try writing every day for at least an hour. There will be days that you’ll write only half a page and days you’ll write five or six. But no matter what you have to keep going!
Stay true & Keep writing!




  1. your blog gives me inspiration and keeps me motivated. Thanks! :)

  2. It's always so hard for me to keep writing constantly without asking myself,"Is this good enough?". But I'm trying really hard and I think I am getting somewhere without judging myself too much. Thank you for the motivation.