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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is just a quick post to inform you that WriteOnCon has started!
I actually just learned of it today and I haven't gotten around to reading and watching a lot yet, but I'm definitely planning to.

WriteOnCon is basically this online children's writers conference where published writers and agents and perhaps even publishers (not sure) talk about writing and give advice on writing. It's really fun and very helpful for wribies like us. Even if you're not writing children's novels I still suggest you check it out.

It takes place from Tuesday (which is today) till Thursday. So August 10 till 12.

(2010 in case you were just abducted by aliens and would like to know. Ever wondered how to say that in Latin? Here it is: Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt. Qui annus est?
Which roughly translates to: I was kidnapped by aliens. What year is it? Taken from the book "Latin for all occasions" which for some reason I have on my bookshelf)

Here is the schedule for the next days:

And here is the site:
And their Twitter page:

Have fun & learn lots!

Keep writing!

Xx LordKiwii

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