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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hello everyone!

The time has finally arrived: this Monday the great annual event NaNoWriMo has started! And this year will be the first year I'm participating. I actually forgot it was the first of November this Monday and started a day late. But I'm still determent to make it! :)

For those of you knew to NaNoWriMo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and it's a global event where in the month of November, writers all over the world try to write a 50.000 word novel. So that's an entire novel in just 30 days! (or 29 if you're stupid enough like me to forget it lol)

Because you have so little time to actually write the novel, it's quantity that counts not quality. So it's the perfect opportunity to just write and not worry about editing and if a sentence is right, and if this word should be used--or that other word which is slightly different but almost the same... it's a time where you should install yourself somewhere, get plenty of coca cola, coffee and snacks and just write away!

There will also be a lot of fun stuff going on such as meets between fellow NaNoWriMo writers all over the world! So if you are interested, have some time on your hands, and would love to finish a novel by the end of this month--why not join? You wouldn't be too far behind :)

To find out more about this great event just follow the link:

Here is a blog that offers some hilarious advice for any participants (worth reading even if you aren't joining):

I hope you guys will be rooting for me! :) Right now my word count is 5210 -- and I have no idea where it is going. I had no real plot in mind and just started writing (lol) like I always seem to do. I'll be updating more on my twitter account from time to time :) so you can actually see how epically I will fail ( I don't have much time because oddly enough my college teachers don't agree when I tell them NaNoWriMo is a perfect excuse not to do homework for a month).

Are any of you participating? Are you going to join next year?
If so good luck! And tell me how it's going! :) 

If there is anyone interested (probably not) my account on NaNoWriMo is also LordKiwii :)

Keep Writing!



  1. I've got a question for ya!

    I'm always very busy with my studies, which leaves little time for writing and my other hobbies. Any idea's on how to combine them best?
    I mean, I very often have one or one and a half hour per day to do stuff for myself, but I always feel like that is too short for writing ( which it is not, but it feels that way.) Therefore, I almost never write anymore which is quite a shame! Any advice?

    Of course, it is probably just me XD

  2. Good luck with the NaNoWriMo. I wish I'd taken part. I think I'd probably approach it in exactly the same haphazard way. Hope you come out with some gold.

  3. @ Gordon:

    Thank you! :) I'm working on it right now! The words aren't really going to be the problem I think ... it's finishing the novel...

    It's too bad you didn't take part! But there is always next year! :D


  4. lol, i only found out about NaNoWriMo in the middle of November, so i didnt participate...but next year i will. oh, and see, i'm a new follower!!

  5. @ D.I.D:

    Thank you so much for reading my blog and becomming a follower! :D I'm always so happy when I get to know a new reader ^^

    It's too bad you found out half way :( I'm looking forward to next year myself! ^^

    I'm planning on writing another blogpost tomorrow if I can! ^^ Please keep an eye out for it!