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Monday, January 6, 2014

Avoiding Endings

I am not good with endings. In pretty much every sense of the word. I hate saying goodbye to people knowing it's pretty much forever (mostly when they go back to their countries and I go back to mine and you say you'll be in touch, but really, it's going to be a "like" of status relationship on facebook) and I hate ending a fun night out with friends.

I also have quite some trouble with finishing books, as anyone who have seen my "reading" shelf on Goodreads will know. Or, maybe more accurately, I have a short attention span and tend to start way to many new books. There are probably many reasons for this. One of them is that I simply want to read EVERYTHING and it's so hard not to start a book that just came in the mail and which you've been waiting for for ages--when you also have twenty other books you still need to finish.

Sometimes, on rare occasions a book simply isn't working for me and although I hate not finishing books (I usually finish them eventually, even if it can take more than a year) some juts don't see worth my reading time to finish.

Mostly though I get this reluctance to read on because reading on means that the book will end--and then what? (It's a wonder that it didn't take me three years to finish Harry Potter. I devoured the last book, my curiosity of what was going to happen even larger than not wanting it to end).

This problem in finishing things manifests in pretty much everything in my life. From the drawings that still need to be inked, coloured in or completely sketched out, to the guitar that I still haven't really learned to play even a little, to songs on the piano that I only know halfway.

But maybe the worst thing is when it happens with writing. Because I love my stories and I want them to be told, even if no one but me is going to read it. I want to know what happens to my characters and I feel like they deserve to have their story told properly, ending and all.

As most of you probably know, endings are incredibly hard to write and so hard to get right. I've probably re-written my endings and beginnings more than anything else in my stories.
Which is why one of my stories, that of Meggie, was lying silently in a metaphorical drawer, waiting to be finished, while I darted around editing this, starting that and re-visiting old stories.

Now that it's a new year and I've decided to write 1500 words a day, I decided to spend that time on Meggie, hoping that a sense of schedule of habit will help in finding an ending. And so far it's working! It was really hard in the beginning and I had to really fight to get words. And then suddenly this morning they just came, easy as in the middle of the story and I had new ideas and my characters went off in new directions that I hadn't even thought of and that were more surprising and better than some rough sketches of "where it was going to go".

Endings are worth it. They resolve things, they make sure that the characters had the time to make their say. It gets the story told. Which is why I urge any writers who have unfinished projects waiting for some attention, to just sit down and start writing until the ending comes to you!

Somewhere this week I'm going to the music store and get some new guitar strings. Then I'm going to start all over and start to learn.

Keep writing,



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