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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lazy Sunday

It is Sunday already. How is it that some days (usually school or work days) time just seems to slow down to a point where it drags on, making the day painfully long--whereas other days (usually free days) seem to have less hours in them?

I swear that my free days feel like this: I wake up around nine, somehow have my breakfast at 12 and eat lunch at 3 and dinner around 10 at night. Then I have one hour left before I start to think about sleep.
Yet of course my days aren't (always) really like that. Free days just seem to go by with a few bits and pieces missing and before you know it you have to get back to work or school again. 

When I woke up this morning I got rushed so that we could go to my grandmother before it would snow again. Just when I was wide awake and ready to go (having hurried everything) did my parents inform me that the weather would probably be too bad to go, so I could just relax and take it slow.

...So I decided I would. 

I was reminded of an Italian sentence which seems perfectly fitting for today:  il dolce far niente. Basically it means “The sweetness of doing nothing”.
And I thoroughly enjoyed doing pretty much nothing all day: I sat around, thought about a great number of silly things and talked with my mom about everything and nothing. 

We watched Eat Pray Love together (where I got reminded again of the phrase and which awakened once again this irresistible urge to just pack my bags and go into the wide, wide world and travel. Fortunately this feeling is not so strong in winter, when it’s cold and grey, and stronger with my in spring and summer. So I’m good. No travelling for now).

(By the way the ice cream she is eating in this picture is from a store called Blue Ice and its The Best Ice Cream EVER! If you ever come to Italy try it!)

I read some (will come back to this). I played a card game. I surfed lazily on the internet and now I’m sitting warmly wrapped in some blankets on the couch writing this blog post while listening to soundtracks (Eragon at the moment) and wondering whether or not I have the energy to get up and exercise a little on the home trainer.

Sometimes we just need days like these, where we don't feel obliged to do anything and can just relax and take some time for ourselves and our family.

Do any of you get days like this? Do you feel like you need them?
My body has this not so great mechanism where, whenever I feel too pressured or am too busy with school and friends and life--in other words when I don't get these free days--my body shuts down and I become ill. I'm forced to take some time for myself.

Trust me this isn't great when you're in an exam period. But it does show that we should all take a break once in a while. 

About what I am reading (told you I would get back to it), it's a book called Write to be Published by Nicola Morgan. I'm not sure I ever told any of you this, but I'm a sucker for "how to write" books. I really enjoy reading them, even if I heartily disagree with whatever the author tells me to do, or if I already know everything in the book.

I like reading new and different ideas and to find out how other authors handle the business of being an author (whether unpublished or published). It often gives me inspiration and new courage to get back to my story.

This book in particular I really really like. A lot of things Nicola talks about are crucial points and warnings that I have yet to encounter in other "how to" books.  

I'll talk about it a bit more once I'm finished but for now I encourage people to go to her blog. I haven't had much time yet to look at it properly but if it's anything like her book, it's got to be good.

It's time I go back to my tough decision whether to read something or to exercise before diner. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and are ready for next week! 

Keep Writing!

Xx Noortje 


  1. I have this book and 'Write a Great Synopsis.' Am hoping to dip into them this week, in between decorating.

  2. Cool! Have fun decorating and hope you get around to reading some :)
    I want to read "Write a Great Synopsis" as well but could only find it as an ebook? Didn't look very far though but is it available as a hard copy as well?

    1. I think it's only available on Kindle. I bought both on Kindle, but you could download a Kindle App. Not sure of the ins and outs of it all though.

    2. Yeah I thought so. Because I remember I couldn't really find it. The problem is, I can't buy kindle books in the UK on Amazon (where I normally buy books). And in the Netherlands books are absurdly expensive. Usually at least twice as much, sometimes more :(

  3. Free days always rush through at a gallop, usually because I imagine I can fit so much into them. But it's good to take time out and relax as well - love that Italian phrase. Nicola Morgan's book is great - one of my very favourites about writing. Enjoy!

    1. I have that a lot as well! Sometimes when I haven't had some free time in a while I try to fit in about a week's worth and it never works! I know the book so far is amazing and very funny! :D Thanks!