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Monday, February 20, 2012

Never Stop Dreaming

Last night I had one of the most inspiring flu induced dreams in a long time. It made me wake up with an incredibly happy and nervous feeling at the pit of my stomach and I swear, the minute I opened my eyes I was wide awake (which for me, is very special). I wanted to jump out of bed and run towards my laptop, enthusiastically diving into what was sure to be a very successful and fulfilling projectmy novel.

Unfortunately there were two things stopping me from writing:

1, I had the flu and 2, I had a massive pile of homework waiting for me. And being ill is no excuse to my teachers.

What was this wonderful dream? I dreamed I was getting published. I know all of us share this dream and most of us have probably spend some wonderful hours at night believing we already had the succes we so desperately crave
only to wake up and find you're still working on that horrible third draft. 

But this dream was different. It was so vivid ... so real ... (again I had the flu) and for a moment I believed it was true. Not that I woke up and believed my books were in the hands of many eager readers, but the idea was completely true. The prospect of getting an agent and success was there, I just had to wait patiently and it would come to me.

And I realized that believing is what we really need. Of course you need stamina and a story idea and talent might be helpful as well. But if you don't believe in your story, don't believe you'll get it published, then how can you make someone else believe? Like the publisher for instance? 

What I'm trying to say is, we all get our doubts. So if you're stuck or feeling down... just close your eyes. Do it right now, right after you've read this post. Just let everything go for the moment. Ignore everything around you and imagine the phone ringing. You pick it up and it's Mrs. Agent telling you that she loved the manuscript you sent so much that she simply had to call right away. In fact she has taken the liberty to discuss it with her good friend at *insert awesome big publishing company* and they loved it!

Just believe it! Dream it! Live it! For a moment let everything be true and wonderful! 

I hope this post is making at least some sense (flu... and general silliness on my part) and I hope that none of you have given up on your dreams. Stick with them and you might be pleasantly surprised :) 

I promise you my next update will be less cheesy! I'm off to bed now and hopefully will dream more good dreams!

Keep Writing!

Xx Noortje  


  1. Get better soon! Finish your homework so you can jump into your novel!

    1. Thank you I will! :) And thanks for the RT on twitter too ^.^
      I'm feeling a bit better today so I'm gonna get my homework over and done with as fast as I can! :)
      How is your writing going?